Cucumber Water For Your GLOW!

Cucumber Water For Your GLOW!

Glow is all about finding ways, or little hacks to keep you feeling vibrant and young!  So naturally cucumber water is #1 on our list. 

Here are some reasons why we LOVE this green refreshing veggie: 

  • Keeps you hydrated (it's like double the hydration when you add it to your water).  Cucumbers consist mostly of water and they contain important electrolytes.  You already know how important it is to get all your water consumption in for the day; so if adding one of the most hydrating foods to our boring H2O will help us meet our daily water goals- then its a no-brainer for us! 
  •  Helps reduce inflammation!  We can't be all vibrant and glowy with our bodies inflamed from the inside - out. As inflammation is the new buzzword and can contribute to pretty much all chronic diseases it's important to do what we can and reduce our risks. Cucumbers naturally have anti-inflammatory benefits!
  • Also this --> cucumbers contain a type of polyphenol (ligmans) that have a strong connection with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and some cancers.  Cucumbers are also rich in cucurbitacins (this is that bitter taste you sometimes get from them), and research is showing that the normal pathways of cancer growth can be blocked by cucurbitacins.  

We consider cucumbers a superfood for your health and vibrancy!

Pro-tip: Cut up your cucumbers and store them in a mason jar or glass Tupperware.  This makes it so easy to grab a handful, throw them in your water and go!

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