Our first campaign!

November 28, 2019

Our first campaign!

Thank you all who took the time to nominate these absolutely wonderful women!  It was great reading through them all and so hard to pick just one, so I picked two!  

We gifted a whole outfit- jeans, tops, and shoes.  Figured out the correct sizing and the best times to deliver with the women who nominated.  Everyone was so thankful and so nice to work with.  

I did not have much of a process or a team when I chose these women.   Everyone who was nominated deserved a new outfit.  The two I picked stood out the most and  I will share a little of their stories.  

I had two women write in for this first nominee.  Her friends were very sad for her because she just lost her mother.  The loss of a loved one is never easy.  Especially a mother and right around the Holidays. They wanted to bring a little happiness into such a hard time for her, and I believe we did just that!

The second nominee is a single mother who was recently diagnosed with cervical cancer and will be going in for her first surgery soon.  This lady has been a great customer of mine since I started this adventure.   So I was beyond excited to gift her with a new outfit.   

Both of these nominees messaged me personally last night and were so thankful for what they received!  This experience was everything I imagined. 

I am so happy to announce that 22 For You will be announcing a new campaign each month.  It will be something different and fun and all about empowering women!

I would love all of your support by sharing and commenting on my posts, and purchasing from my website.   The reason I was able to give two new outfits is because of the support everyone has given me.  Next year I would love to be able to provide 10 new outfits!! 

Stay tuned for Decembers Campaign!  Thank you all so much!  I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!